How Salvaged Doors Could Save Lives

Alpharetta GA Fire Station. Captain Mark Allen (far right) and Mitchell Poole

Station 3, Alpharetta Fire Dept.

Atlas Demolition is happy to recycle salvaged materials from demolitions whenever possible. We were pleased to have the opportunity to do a good deed recently.

We were able to donate salvaged doors from a recent demolition for Metro Site Solutions, D&G Development, and Benning Construction.

In preparation for construction of The Atwater, a 26,000 sq ft retail development across the street from Avalon, we are demolishing a 1,500 sq ft single family home and a 12,000 sq ft commercial building and all the asphalt, curb and gutter.

We were approached by Station 3 of the Alpharetta Fire Dept, Captain Mark Allen and Mitchell Poole, on site. They were interested in the steel doors on the commercial building.

They will use the doors at the firehouse to practice breaking through them or “breaching” as they call it. This will allow firefighters to practice breaking into different structures so they can remove people from burning structures.

We had our Atlas Demolition laborers detach the doors, load them into my truck and I hand delivered them to the fire department Monday afternoon.

I am happy the salvaged doors will go to a good cause.