Broadstone Sandy Springs on Roswell Road

Broadstone Sandy Springs on Roswell Road

This is our third project with Alliance Residential and we couldn’t be happier they decided to purchase the property and redevelop it.

We tracked Broadstone Sandy Springs, Alliance’s name for the future apartments, starting in October of 2013 when it was owned by Cortland Partners to July 2015 when we signed the contract to perform the abatement and demolition for Alliance.

Ironically, last July we were contracted by Cortland Partners to demolish half of fire damaged Building # 7. The structures were set to be completely demolished last fall, but Cortland received offers on the property, and ultimately Alliance bought it. Fortunately, Alliance has been a great customer of ours so we were able to roll right into their budget from our proposal to Cortland (who is also a regular customer). We recently completed Broadstone Terraces for Alliance which is at the corner of Juniper St and 6th in Atlanta.

Broadstone Sandy Springs will eventually be a 230 unit apartment complex and will feature a direct pedestrian connection to the Abernathy Greenway and 40 “tuck under” parking spaces.


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