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New Komatsu to serve you even better

Growth and cost benefit analysis drove us to purchase another new Komatsu this week, a PC360.  Last year we bought a Komatsu PC290.  We are demolishing larger, taller and more complex structures and the PC360 is an 80,000 lb machine with a greater reach.  It came with a 2+ yard bucket and a 4 over 3 grapple.  The grapple acts like a huge hand that allows the operator to grip steel beams for instance and pull a building apart rather than generically smashing it. Owning versus renting is a clear benefit given that the difference in monthly payment is around $4,000.  And we own it.

This machine is state of the art.  It comes standard with a rear view camera for safety, remote monitoring of the machine’s vital statistics and will transmit error codes, cautions, maintenance needs and fuel levels.  As with many “old school” items these days, computing has elevated blue collar trades to a science.

Customers benefit because the machine ensures there won’t be any break downs on the job site which means the job will start and finish on time.   The larger machine ensures a safer job for demolishing larger structures which decreases the chance of an accident.  The larger machine also means greater capacity for demolition work and improved efficiency to ensure your build back begins on time.

New Komatsu PC360 from Tractor & Equipment Company

New Komatsu PC360 from Tractor & Equipment Company